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Uncertainty in legal proceedings is unacceptable. When the safety of the public – or even children – is in question, you need confidence your office has all of the information possible. This is why expert opinions are key to producing fair and balanced judgments. I, Dr. Jonathan Gransee, should be your first contact when you need an expert psychological opinion. Call today, and we will develop a long-standing relationship based on your need for expertise and professionalism.

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When Do I Contact a Forensic Psychologist?

Have you reached a standstill in your family law case? Finding it difficult to confirm an immigration applicant’s mental impairment? You need a forensic psychological evaluation when confidence in an individual’s mental health and competency becomes legally essential. This assessment is particularly important when assessing a person’s capabilities in pursuing parental rights or the stability of individuals seeking citizenship.

You need to know that your expert opinions come from a competent and distinguished psychologist. Forensic competency evaluation requires careful consideration of an individual’s situation, stresses, and pre-existing conditions. It is also complicated by the legal institution’s need for a rapid determination. As a certified forensic mental health evaluator, I have provided quick and accurate forensic mental health evaluation services to government institutions and legal cases for nearly two decades.

Get Forensic Competency Assessments Focused on Specialty Areas

Are you confident that your usual experts will know how to handle the specific case you are struggling with? Throughout my career, I have established my knowledge and professionalism as I have testified and provided many expert opinions. This experience has allowed me to hone my skills in psychological evaluation and competency assessment, particularly in two major areas:

Custody and Parental Competency Evaluations

Some of the most challenging and harrowing legal cases involve family law. When a parent or guardian’s competency is called into question, all efforts must be made to ensure the child is placed in a home that will provide safety and support.

Parenting psychological evaluations require thorough interviews during a stressful time. Making fair and balanced assessments can be difficult and requires compassion and attention to subtle factors in a parent’s mental state. In family court, psychological evaluations are critical to fair results.

Immigration Psych Assessments

On the path toward citizenship, many applicants require an N-648 evaluation to ascertain if there are exceptions based on physical or mental impairment. For some individuals, learning the English language can represent an extreme hardship based on mental disabilities or handicaps. 

The purpose of immigration psychologist evaluations is to provide all people with the opportunity for United States citizenship and remove barriers to entry based on uncontrollable circumstances. Additionally, the language barrier can make this process especially difficult.

Many aspects of forensic psychology require a trained and experienced eye to see past the current stressors and difficulties to make fair judgments. Without experience and training, it is easy to misinterpret stress signals as signs of incompetency or instability. I am the kind of forensic psychologist who can provide deeper insights into a patient’s psyche and give a fair, consistent, and well-founded assessment for legal proceedings.

Call Dr. Gransee for Experienced Expert Opinions

When tensions are high and professional psychological evaluations are needed, never settle for anything other than a forensic psychologist with years of experience in hands-on work. Detailed evaluations require a calm eye that is accustomed to separating stress responses from legitimate signs of incompetence and concern. You can trust me to perform my duties as an expert witness with this perception.

So, call today if you need an expert opinion on immigration, custody, or other forms of forensic psychology. For more than 18 years, I have provided my specialty skills to the people of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, establishing myself as a capable and professional psychologist. Contact me today and we can start a relationship that will provide everyone involved with the legal proceedings a smoother experience.

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