Jonathan M Gransee, Psy.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

(717) 509-5151 | | 313 W. Liberty Street Ste 226 Lancaster, PA 17603

Psychological and Forensic Evaluations

Dr. Gransee is a seasoned forensic evaluator, with 18 years of clinical experience conducting evaluations. Dr. Gransee utilizes the most up-to-date, state-of-the-art testing procedures, for any testing that is required. Dr. Gransee produces professionally written, highly respected evaluations. He writes with authority, boldness, and conviction. Dr. Gransee routinely testifies in court, when requested, in support of his reports, and has a very effective court presence. Dr. Gransee has been repeatedly recognized, over the years, by the courts as a qualified expert in psychology, as well as in various specialty areas, such as child custody, or parenting capacity, or competency, etc. Also, while court testimony is sometimes required by the case, oftentimes the court will stipulate to his report, which means that the court accepts the report without the need for testimony.

What Dr. Gransee Can Do:


With nearly two decades of experience in forensic evaluations, you can trust that Dr. Gransee will bring only the most professional observation to each case.


Dr. Gransee also provides testimony in court to support his forensic evaluations. He has been regarded as a very effective and highly regarded presence in court. 


For those looking for a qualified psychologist to help them with their personal needs, Dr. Gransee also provides one-on-one psychotherapy sessions.


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“My goal is to provide you with a report that sets the standard for excellence, precision, and

– Dr. Gransee

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