Jonathan M Gransee, Psy.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

(717) 509-5151 | | 313 W. Liberty Street Ste 226 Lancaster, PA 17603


Dr. Gransee has been repeatedly recognized, over the years, by the courts as a qualified expert in psychology, as well as in various specialty areas, such as child custody, or parenting capacity, or competency, etc.


I have conducted or supervised over 40,000 psychological evaluations and am able to assess for all mental conditions. As an expert in the field of psychology I am also asked by consumers of reports to offer my input or to review the work of another professional. I have successfully defended my evaluations in court on dozens of occasions.


Psychological Evaluations Child Custody Evaluations Safety Evaluations (5329, etc) Competency Evaluations Act 120 Evaluations Act 235 Evaluations Parenting Capacity I-601 Hardship Evaluations Immigration Evaluations

Excellence Is My Goal

Each client is a unique individual, with unique qualities, needs, and issues. It is my goal to make every effort to fully assess for these qualities, needs, and issues, and to generate diagnostic impressions that are both accurate and helpful. In order to do so, I meet with you (the client), and with family (if available), and obtain information from as many sources as possible (school, family, treatment providers, etc). I view an individuals’ issues as being a result of personality AND environment, and assess for both. My diagnoses and treatment recommendations are based on this full assessment of personality and situation.

On the Cutting Edge

I use the latest testing materials, including the WAIS-IV/WISC-IV for intelligence testing, the WIAT-III for achievement testing, and various screening forms and testing procedures to determine emotional/behavioral issues. I have developed specific testing materials, including the Autism Spectrum Disorders Checklist (ASDC), to thoroughly screen for Autism Spectrum Disorders, and also use the Childhood Autism Rating Scale (CARS), as well as the Gilliam Autistic Rating Scale (GARS), and other measures.

Collaboration with Referring Person/Entity

I understand that the evaluation process can be anxiety-provoking, because there is a ceding of control to the evaluator regarding whether or not a diagnosis should be assigned, and what the diagnosis should be. If you are a parent, you may be concerned that your child will be misdiagnosed, and once a diagnosis has been assigned, it is difficult to have it removed, and it tends to take on a life of it’s own. In order to hopefully prevent this, I will collaborate with you. I will communicate with you as to what appears to be the case, diagnostically, and you have the opportunity to discuss this with me, provide your input, and ask for consideration of alternate diagnoses. I approach each diagnosis with compassion and conservativism, as the goal is to get it right, and for you to be content with the end result.

A Conservative Approach

I understand that diagnoses have tremendous power. When used for good, they facilitate treatment and appropriate accommodations. However, diagnoses can also harm, and stigmatize, and misdirect treatment, and can sometimes prove to be devastating to an individual. I understand that, and never forget that I have a tremendous responsibility to get it right!

No Fads

I am strongly opposed to fad diagnosing. At this time, there are three diagnoses that seem to be most prominently on the minds of the public: ADHD, Autism, and Bipolar Disorder. While each of these diagnoses are legitimate, and while there are children/adults who meet the criteria for these diagnoses, I am also aware of the full spectrum of diagnostic possibilities, and consider every possibility for the reason for the individual’s behavioral/emotional issues, before assigning any diagnosis. With that approach, fad diagnoses are avoided as often as possible.


I have developed an efficient process to produce reports in a reasonable time frame from the time of the evaluations. In the event that an evaluation is needed in a shorter time frame, please make sure to let me know and I will be able to tell you if I can accommodate it.


I understand the need to produce quality reports at reasonable rates. Due to an efficient process, I am able to produce quality evaluations and reports that are still affordable. My rates are competitive with those of other experts in the area.


From my point of view, every one of us is capable of peace and happiness. If the mind is not cluttered with dark or negative thoughts, and if there are no blocks to your emotions, and if there is not something out of whack in your thought processes, you will revert back to your ‘default setting’…happiness or contentedness. The devil is in the details, however, as if it were that simple, everyone would be content/happy, and no-one would suffer emotional pain for any length of time. The reality is, however, that many of us go through much pain and suffering, and have no idea why. And, if you can’t understand why you feel the way you do, you have no hope of fixing it, unless by some random chance of fate it fixes itself. Often, when someone reaches a point where their emotional pain is unbearable, it is due to a culmination of years of build-up to that point. And, whatever method they used in the past to relieve the pain no longer works, or only works at a terrible price. But, I am saying this not to cause despair, but to cause hope…of course achieving relief, at this point, is not going to be a snap of the fingers. But, relief is still possible, and peace and happiness are still attainable…it just takes a bit more self-understanding.